Why Jax & Brittany are parting methods with Bravo and Vanderpump Guidelines

More details about Jax Taylor and Brittany CartwrightThe sudden exit from Vanderpump Rules comes to light.

Four days after the reality stars surprised fans, they announced they weren’t going back to the hit show, E! News has learned that Jax and Brittany’s decision to part ways with Bravo was, in fact, mutual.

“Jax and Brittany want to focus on their family and their new journey,” the insider explains to the parents-to-be. “They are very excited for their son and they have some projects that they are working on that will allow them to share their own lives without Bravo’s limitations.”

Meanwhile, the future of Vanderpump Rules is in the air amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What the series will look like when filming resumes, the source reveals: “The storylines and relationships that VPR focused on have changed so much.”

A second source adds, “It’s hard to say when the show will be back due to the COVID restrictions in LA, but the production is working out a great deal about which way the show would work in this new era.”

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