Whitney Port Relives the Fall of Her Hills Oscars: “I Was Shamed”

Today’s OMG Moment of the Day: Whitney Port throws it back to the embarrassing moment she fell walking down the stairs in an Oscars gown.

As fans recall, the reality star fell a little while modeling in 2014 Hilary Swank2005 Oscars dress by Guy Laroche. As told by Vogue Editor Andre Leon TalleyIt all aired on Good Morning America and The Hills.

Apparently, experiencing it wasn’t enough, as Whitney lived the infamous fall on Friday January 22nd when she and her husband relived it Tim Rosenman saw the entire video and blessed us with their live reactions on a new YouTube video.

When Whitney looked back at it, her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her fist. She immediately said, “Oh my god. Thank god I bounced back. It wasn’t terrible.”

She later said, “It’s like bringing all of this back [emotions]I was so ashamed. I couldn’t stop crying afterwards. The actress added, ‘I was just so embarrassed that I fell on live TV’ and remembered trying not to ‘freak out on camera’.

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