We’re giving out the very best secrets and techniques about Beat Bobby Flay

A Michelin star is nice. A James Beard, pretty good too. But for some chefs, nothing feels as sweet as the best Bobby Flay.

Iron Chef, himself a three-time James Beard Prize winner, has been competing against challengers with his Food Network series Beating Bobby Flay since 2013, a natural extension of direct encounters with Iron Chef and throwdown with Bobby Flay. The show’s recipe is pretty simple. Each half-hour episode starts with two chefs struggling to prepare a meal with a specific ingredient (think fresh squid, pumpkin puree, sardines).

Once a winner has been determined by the guest judges – all of Chrissy Teigen to Sophia Bush to Flay’s friends Katie Lee came up with the intent of finding someone who would be able to knock him down – that winner gets a slap at the graduate of the French Culinary Institute and can decide what’s on the menu, generally a signature dish that she spent years perfecting to have.

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