Wendy Williams reacts after Brother says she skipped her mom’s funeral

She added, tearingly, “And that’s all I will say about this situation.”

News of Wendy’s and her brother’s feud spread online after Tommy posted a 30-minute video on YouTube on Monday, January 16, claiming she had skipped the event.

“My mother always said, stand by your family and your sisters,” said Tommy in the clip. “But what makes someone not go to their mother’s funeral? I don’t understand why they didn’t greet the one person who was always there and showed you support.”

“I don’t understand how a person can’t go to a funeral and the one person or family member you have, the parents you left and just move on,” he went on. I don’t understand how I do someone love who can cause this kind of pain. ”

Tommy later made it clear that Wendy was attending her mother’s entourage, but not the funeral. And in a separate six-minute Instagram video, he said he spoke to her father about the situation, claiming her father was “very upset” and “disappointed”.

However, the hostess responded to her brother’s claims on the Wendy Williams Show that same day, saying, “Tommy, you’re just my brother. You better stop talking the way you talk because now it’s dripping into mine Comment page. “

“You don’t want me to start calling you who you are,” she added, “with full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts.”

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