Wendy Williams has no real interest in assembly her ex-husband’s love youngster (video)

Wendy Williams spilled all kinds of tea prior to the premiere of her biopic later this month on Lifetime, and the newest pot is about her.

Amid an ongoing drama with her brother in which she spoke to him on the air on her show after he accused her of missing her mother’s funeral, Wendy decided to add a double cup of tea to her life while speaking to Entertainment Tonight Canada to pour.

Wendy discussed forgiveness about her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

She went into his infamous affair (among other things), admitting that she publicly denied it despite hiring a private investigator to investigate his infidelity. She filed for divorce in 2019 after his mistress became pregnant with his child.

While the former couple seem to get along better, Wendy cast a shadow over Kevin’s newest child when asked if Wendy met his love child.

“The baby? No! Why should I want to meet her? I don’t know her,” Wendy said of Kevin’s daughter. “And I don’t want to know her.”

She went one step further and suggested that Kevin be with her the night his lover was born.

“She’ll want to meet me first, though,” said Wendy of the baby. “Do you know where your father was on the night your mother gave birth? He was on TV with this woman, Mrs. Wendy, because he was with me. “

But Wendy doesn’t seem so upset when she talks about Kevin. She told the ET Canada correspondent she has no regrets showing her love for Kevin and essentially forgives him.

You can see what Wendy had to say below:

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