TSR Constructive Pics: Tee Grizzley’s Youthful Brother, Child Grizzley, Indicators Document Deal (Video)


Tee Grizzley’s younger brother Baby Grizzley has just signed a record deal with 300 Entertainment. This comes after the Detroit native was released from jail in October and her mother, aka Mama Grizzley, was only released last week.

Tee Grizzley posted a video on his Instagram account showing that his family and friends were all smiling and excited about the new chapter.

When asked how he was feeling, Baby Grizzley said, “What’s up, brother?” You already know that I feel good my baby “

His mother said, “We [are] Now here! Don’t come back baby “Tee Grizzley said to his mother,” You were just watching your son get a deal. How [are] Do you feel yourself? “She replied,” The greatest feeling there has ever been. “

The brothers recently released a new music video called “Twin Grizzlies,” which many believe will be an introduction to the younger brother.

As you may know, Baby Grizzley served five years for robbery. His mother was convicted of drug trafficking in 2000 but was only released last week.

After Tee Grizzley was also released from prison in 2016, he gave us the first day on YouTube. The rapper received over 2 million views in less than three weeks. Ultimately, the success of the hit single earned him his record deal.

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