Trump tweets from POTUS deal with the account virtually instantly

US President Donald Trump makes a fist during a rally to contest the certification of the results of the 2020 US presidential election by the US Congress in Washington, USA, on January 6, 2021.

Jim Bourg | Reuters

President Donald Trump continued to tweet on the state-owned @POTUS account on Friday night, despite the fact that his @ realDonaldTrump account was permanently banned by Twitter earlier in the day.

“As I’ve said for a long time, Twitter has continued to ban freedom of speech, and tonight Twitter staff coordinated with the Democrats and the radical left to remove my account from their platform and silence me,” Trump wrote in a series of tweets that are no longer visible on the social media service.

The tweets were removed from service almost immediately. It’s unclear what steps Twitter took to manage the @ POTUS account.

Earlier in the day, the company announced that it would permanently suspend Trump’s personal account “because of the risk of further inciting violence”.

Twitter specifically pointed out that Trump’s tweets earlier in the day could be interpreted as supportive rioters. The company also noted that plans for future armed protests inside and outside the social media service had increased.

In his @POTUS tweets, Trump reiterated his call to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a 1996 law that protects tech companies from being held liable for what users post on their platforms. The sentiment was endorsed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“I’m more determined than ever to remove Big Tech (Twitter) protection from Section 230 so they can be safe from lawsuits,” Graham tweeted.

Trump also said his administration was “negotiating with various other locations and will soon get a big announcement”. He added that his team is reviewing “the possibilities of building their own platform in the near future”.

“We are not being silenced! Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH,” wrote Trump in the now removed tweets.

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