Trump Plaza Lodge & On line casino in Atlantic Metropolis demolished in entrance of cheering crowd

#Roommates, despite no longer serving as president, Donald Trump has managed to still stay in the news for unfortunate reasons. Trump’s namesake Atlantic City Hotel & Casino was reportedly recently demolished in front of a local crowd of cheering viewers due to poor sales performance.

@APNews reports that the disgraced former President Donald Trump is known for his numerous properties, but one of them is officially gone forever. The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City (which has been closed since 2014) was finally demolished when a crowd stood around and applauded that the property was being laid to ashes. At around 9 a.m., a series of controlled explosions occurred before the 39-story building imploded. Those in attendance stated that the entire process from start to finish took place in less than 30 seconds.

Trump Plaza was the last of four Atlantic City casinos to shut down in 2014 and fell victim to an oversaturated casino market in both New Jersey and the greater Northeast. There were 12 casinos in early 2014, now there are only nine left. At the time of closure, Trump Plaza was the worst performing casino in Atlantic City, raising as much money from players in 8 1/2 months as the market leading Borgata every two weeks.

Short-term plans include paving the site to provide new parking space while a permanent development project is under consideration. “I have the chills,” said Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. “This is a historic moment. It was exciting.”

Mayor Small estimated that the remaining wreckage from the demolition is about eight stories high and should be removed by June 10. In addition, some of it could be used by environmentalists interested in building an artificial fishing reef off the coast of Atlantic City.

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