Trump is the most important loser as all three Supreme Court docket justices voted towards him

All three of Trump’s nominated Supreme Court justices voted against him in the Texas lawsuit to overthrow the election.

Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse noted in a statement that none of Trump’s picks were on his side:

Any rule of law American should take comfort that the Supreme Court – including all three of President Trump’s recommendations – closed the book on the nonsense.

– Senator Ben Sasse (@SenSasse) December 12, 2020

Trump and his supporters believed that Trump owned the Supreme Court. Trump has called the judges he has appointed to be his judges, but the Supreme Court does not belong to any president. Only those seriously deceived by Trump’s Twitter account and the conservative media ever thought the Texas lawsuit stood a chance.

The Texas / Trump lawsuit was so insane and contrary to US democratic principles that not a single Supreme Court judge voted to hear the case. Thomas and Alito issued a joint statement saying they allowed the complaint to be filed but did not provide relief, and they voted against Trump.

The final vote was 9-0. Last month, Donald Trump cemented his legacy as the biggest loser in US president history.

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