Trump accuses black individuals of instigating impeachment violence

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) confirmed that Trump’s impeachment defense will hold elected black leaders such as MPs Omar and Waters and Senator Cory Booker responsible for inciting violence.

Video from Paul on Fox News Sunday:

Paul said, “I think you will see Rep. Maxine Waters’ Trump defense video telling the crowd to bully and attack Trump administration officials. You will likely feature clips from Cory Booker saying they are facing these congressmen. You will likely see comments from Rep. Omar celebrating the violence I suffered when my six ribs were broken and part of a lung was removed. “

Senator Paul lied. Here’s what Rep. Waters actually said, “If you think we’re going to meet now, you haven’t seen anything. You have members of your cabinet booing out of restaurants. They have protesters in their home. We don’t say peace, no sleep. No peace so sleep And guess what? We are going to win this fight because while you are trying to quote the Bible, Jeff Sessions, and others, you really don’t know the Bible. God is on our side. On the children’s side. On the side of what’s right. On the side of what is honorable. On the side of understanding that if we can’t protect the children, then we can’t protect anyone, and that’s why we’re staying on track. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we need to show up. If you see someone from this cabinet in a restaurant, department store, or gas station, get out, create a crowd, push them back, and tell them they are no longer welcome. ”

Rep. Waters has never requested that anyone be attacked. MP Omar has never called for violence against anyone. Rep. Omar never told her followers to march on the Capitol.

Trump’s impeachment defense isn’t surprising as racists become racist. It is what they do. Trump will use his impeachment process to try to divide the country according to racial lines, and it is despicable for people like Senator Rand Paul to promote this activity.

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