The vote crowns a winner of the 19th season

It’s time to have a drink for the winner of the 19th season of The Voice!

The NBC signing contest crowned its winner at the season finale on Tuesday, December 15, with a team Gwen Stefani‘s Carter Ruby Second Jim Ranger of the team Blake Shelton. The victory brought the committed coaching pair against each other and marked Gwen’s first winning season.

“Oh my god, we won!” Gwen exclaimed in a video with Carter that the star posted “Just a Girl” on Twitter immediately after the exciting announcement. “This is so crazy. We’re trying to understand that this is happening.”

In the video below, she also joked about the difficulty of partying during the ongoing pandemic. “And we shouldn’t even be close to each other,” she complained.

Blake proved to be a good sport when it came to not taking the title. “Congratulations on the win @gwenstefani!” he tweeted. “I’m slipping this! @Carterjrubin … if someone hits #TeamBlake, I’m glad it’s you !!!!”

There were five finalists remaining when the show went into showdown on Tuesday. They were Team Gwen’s Carter Rubin, team John Legend‘s John Holiday, Crew Kelly Clarkson‘s DeSz and Team Blakes Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan.

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