The primary invoice by the Democrats within the Senate majority will probably be an enormous improve in voting rights

The first bill of the new majority in the Democratic Senate is the For The People Act, which strengthens democracy and extends voting rights.

The bill is comprehensive and addresses the ban on dark money in politics, expands early voting and postal voting for federal elections, and combats voter intimidation.

The most fundamental change is the proposed modernization of the voter registration system:

– Each state must provide online voter registration, correction, cancellation and party affiliation designation.

– Prohibition of states requiring applicants to state more than the last 4 digits of a social security number.

– Asks top state election officials to automatically register to vote for all eligible unregistered citizens while protecting themselves from criminal prosecution if unauthorized voters are falsely registered. Regards government agencies and federal agencies within a state as contributing agencies for registration purposes.

– Calls on states to allow voters to register on the day of a federal election, including during early voting.

– Restricts states’ powers to remove registrants from the official list of eligible voters in federal elections in the state, based on interstate voter registration verification.

– Requests states to submit annual reports on voter registration statistics to the Electoral Assistance Commission.

– Provide HAVA funding to implement the modernization reforms for voter registration.

– It is illegal to prevent a person from registering to vote. Instructs the Election Assistance Commission to develop best practices for states to deter and prevent them

Republicans have put in place an entire electoral suppression system designed to prevent Americans from voting for giving up on winning an ideas contest.

The For The People Act features an intriguing showdown with Senate Republicans. Any Republican who votes against this legislation will declare himself an enemy of US democracy. It’s difficult to see ten Senate Republicans support this sweeping reform, but it is certain that many of these reforms will find their way into other laws that don’t require 60 votes to pass.

Democrats make a statement that after years of Mitch McConnell protecting them in the majority, it will be very difficult for Senate Republicans.

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