The director of the Nationwide Intelligence Service refuses to say that Biden will develop into president

National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe refused to say Joe Biden will be the next President during an interview on Sunday.


Trump’s DNI John Ratcliffe refuses to acknowledge that there will be a Biden administration. When asked whether Biden would change Trump’s China policy, he replied that we would see who will sit in which seats. (We know Biden is the next president).

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 6, 2020

Ratcliffe was asked on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures whether Biden would change Trump’s China policy. He replied, “Well, with these electoral problems we shall see who has which seats and whether there is a Biden government, but the point of what I have done here and how I have approached it and why it is different for you wants to make sure the American people are aware of the threats, so that everyone who holds these important national security positions is held accountable, so that the things that the Trump administration has done are held accountable, which is different than when it was successful every other administration before. “

Ratcliffe is a government official supposed to work for the American people. He is not a
Trump campaign replacement.

The extent of Trump’s deception became apparent during his rally in Georgia, where he repeatedly stated that the elections are still being challenged and expressed his belief that the Supreme Court will turn the results upside down.

A government official who does not recognize the election results because the incumbent president is a sore loser could hurt the country deeply.

Donald Trump has lost and pretending that defeat never occurred will not keep him in office after January 20th.

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