Taylor Swift Reveals the Origin of Joe Alwyn’s Pseudonym “William Bowery”

Taylor Swift has a space, baby, and she will write your name even if it’s not your real name.

The music superstar was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, December 14th Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know the backstory behind her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, recognized as “William Bowery” for the songwriting work he did on Taylor’s two surprise albums for 2020, Folklore and Evermore.

“Your friend wrote some of the lyrics to some of the songs under the pseudonym William Bowery,” said Kimmel during the interview clip that can be seen in the video below. “Who chose that name? Did you choose that or did he?”

Taylor paused before replying when it looked like she was hesitant to reveal anything about the mysterious pseudonym. Ultimately, she replied, “He did it.”

Jimmy then did his due diligence by asking if that specific name choice had any meaning.

“You have to ask him because it really is more his story than mine,” she replied. The 31-year-old Grammy winner was about to add something by starting to say, “But yeah, he does a lot …” but couldn’t finish the sentence before the host cut her off with a joke. Come on, Jimmy, know your place.

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