Tamera Mowry-Housley Reveals She Was the Shell on ‘The Masked Singer’ (video)

On Wednesday, Tamera Mowry-Housley announced that she was the clam in “The Masked Singer”. You already know she’s had these pipes since she was with ‘Sister Sister’. As the anticipation grew and Tamera’s face was revealed, everyone was so shocked and surprised.

After the episode aired, Tamera took to Instagram and talked about her journey on the hit show. She said, “Puppy! It’s time to reveal! Dang, that was hard to hold on to !!! Yes, I am the clam on @maskedsingerfox. I have to say singing and dancing with that shell on was quite a challenge. But I loved every minute of it! Live that dream – Wow !!!

Tamera continued, “What an amazing experience, and I have to say one that I will never forget. Facing the fear on our face and getting to the other side is something we should all experience. It produces growth. “

She ended her message by thanking the producers and their family members. She also said, “I’ve learned not to hide that part of myself any longer. Thanks for all the lovers. Shell out ✌🏽 # maskedsinger ”

The former talk show host announced to PEOPLE that no one in her family knew she was on the show. “The moment I first appeared, my family’s phone exploded. My brother Tahj and my sister Tia texted back and forth. And they said, “We know that is you, Tamera. That shoulder and knee bang is gone. ‘”

Tamera was eliminated last night. But at least she had a good time on “The Masked Singer”.

She said, “He tried years ago … Me and Nicki Chu went to the club. I’ve met him before. I also hung out with Kim … and with the girl code. I couldn’t do it Let’s just say that. “

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