Solely Brittany talks about colorism after clip developments and spark conversations have resurfaced

Recently re-emerged clips from VH1’s 2017 show “Signed” surfaced on Twitter and the issue of colorism was brought up.

In the clip, Just Brittany and Kaiya took turns singing the same song. However, judges, including Rick Ross and The Dream, felt that the Brittany verse was better and criticized Kaiya.

Many disagreed and said they believed this was due to colorism and that sparked a conversation.

Just Brittany talked about it and realized that there was colorism.

Mail to IG, Just Brittany explained,

“Brittany only

That’s me in the orange hair!

I’m glad this video is making its rounds and I want to say that colorism definitely has a role to play in fair skinned women like me who are more accessible in the industry. Kaiya is extremely talented and I wish darker women were seen more … “

As previously reported, Kaiya spoke exclusively to The Shade Room and stated: “The surface refresh of the video is so surreal. I am humble that so many people supported my trip. Colorism is a topic that needs to be fully discussed and not summed up in one answer, but it is very daunting to know that so many men or women are going through it. “She went on to say,” Playing black women and men off against each other or making it where some are seen as superior is sad. I hope it will be addressed and corrected in the future over the years. ”

Kaiya gave more insight into her post-show experiences and the relationships she developed with the other participants. She told TSR the experience was “very positive. I met some really talented people, we made friends and we kept in touch. The guides and reviews I’ve received on my overall performance have been invaluable. “

Regarding new music, Kaiya said, “I never stopped performing. I’m currently writing original songs. I also reach out to other songwriters and producers. I perfect my sound every day. I achieve this by making personal experiences over the years and setting them to music. “She is in the process of posting new videos.

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