Shailene Woodley has an incredible reply to your battle with unhealthy intercourse

Bad sex? Shailene Woodley to the rescue.

In an “Ask Her” column for the men’s website, Leo, the Big Little Lies star explored a relatable riddle: “If the sex isn’t great but the relationship is thriving, do you call it quitting or working on it? “

If it calms you down, Woodley is no stranger to this scenario. “Oy … I was here,” she confirmed. “And to be completely honest, it happened more than once in my life.”

Fortunately for everyone on the same boat, there was no shortage of advice from the 29-year-old actress – and it all came down to communication. “All I can say is from my perspective as a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it, honesty and transparency are everything,” she told the website. “If you feel unsafe communicating with your partner, chances are you will never be able to have a truly connective sex life. When you feel confident, talk about your needs. Whether or not they are being met no. Ask your partner about hers. “

According to Woodley, bad sex “is simply two people who haven’t quite found the language that speaks to their unique coexistence. Or two people who don’t know how to be deeply vulnerable to one another. That can’t take your time.” And although you occasionally and very rarely meet someone with whom you spontaneously burn yourself sexually, most of the time sex is a lesson in true intimacy. “

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