SCOTUS grants these entitled to non secular freedom exceptions to legal guidelines and rules

It’s no surprise that the theocratic majority at the nation’s Supreme Court gasped to radically change the country’s law and make religious freedom a license to disregard the country’s laws.

In a relatively calm decision, the Conservatives, led by Supreme Court maid Amy Coney Barrett, have given religious Americans “Most Favored Nation” status who want to be exempt from any laws that the government already exempts other bodies or individuals from compliance. As Mark Joseph Stern noted at Slate, the High Court “broke its own rules in order to radically redefine religious freedom”.

To claim that Mr. Stern’s remark is an understatement is itself to underestimate the terrible precedent that the religious conservatives have just set in the Supreme Court. This precedent gives “the believers” ultimate power over the law of the land and, more broadly, over the people.

In the 1990s the Supreme Court in the Employment Division v. Smith interpreted the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to deny “religious exceptions to laws that do not discriminate against religion”. Sounds like a secular democracy like America – Law? But America can no longer consider itself a secular democracy: not with a religious Supreme Court modeled on the Supreme Council of Iran, which enacts the country’s law to favor a declining minority of religious fanatics.

Before last Friday’s ruling without an oral argument and with very little information in a so-called shadow protocol, the court changed the country’s law in a four-page ruling that redefined religious freedom.

The concept of religious freedom changed instantly with the ruling by the theocrats in Tandon against Newsome, when the theocratic majority effectively turned Smith on its head by creating a new rule called “most favored nation” theory. And as it did six times before, the Religious Tribunal ruled that believers have the freedom of religion to violate laws, including public health mandates, because they are religious and enjoy “Most Favored Nation” status.

According to the new religious doctrine that rules America, “any secular liberation from law automatically creates religious liberation.” Going forward, that one theocratic choice in the new theocratic America “has greatly expanded the government’s obligation to make innumerable precepts of religious precautions”.

Consider the implications for Americans who are not affected by this new definition of religious freedom, which provides blanket exemptions from the law on the basis of religion.

For example, the police are exempt from bans carrying loaded firearms in courtrooms, restaurants, public schools, etc. However, under the new definition of “religious freedom,” anyone can apply for a religious exemption to bring their loaded firearms in court, in public, or in public at private school, the White House, on a domestic airliner, or at the United States Capitol.

Churches are exempt from paying all kinds of taxes, and members of the clergy receive special exemptions for paying their fair share of taxes like any other working American. Now anyone can apply for a religious exemption and tell the Internal Revenue Service to run away because they’re religious.

Political Action Committees (PACs) and dark money groups are exempt from donation limits for campaigns and reporting to the FEC. Now, according to the theocrats in the High Court, any American can quote religion and donate any amount.

Across America, law enforcement officers are generally exempt from prosecution for shooting and killing unarmed African Americans. This exemption now applies to any racist murderer who claims to be exempt from the exemption, according to the Conservatives at the Supreme Court.

Use your imagination and there are myriad laws and regulations that believers can claim exempt from observing if they claim it is their religious freedom.

Mr. Stern spoke to Professor Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas School School and Professor Jim Oleske of Lewis and Clarke Law School, who explained exactly how much power the Supreme Court theocrats have just given to religious. Professor Oleske said:

“Smith says the Free Exercise Clause of Amendment 1 protects against the government that targets religious practices for unfavorable treatment, but does not grant exceptions to general law. Almost immediately after Smith, efforts were made to read a broader “most-favored-nation” theory therein which stated that every time the government grants an exception to a law, it is obliged to also grant a religious exception unless the government meets strict scrutiny. But that wasn’t the law of the country until Friday night. “

Professor Vladeck intervened as follows:

“Friday night was the seventh time in that tenure that the Supreme Court has issued an injunction pending appeal. All seven were in COVID cases with free exercise…. Those who like these decisions feel increasingly comfortable when the court disregards and defies its own internal standards and rules for this kind of relief just because they like the outcome. In doing so, they attack critics because they are not sufficiently sensitive to religious freedom. And that’s an absurd claim. “

This terrible decision heralds a badly performing world for America, as well as the rule of law, where it was once found that no one was above the law. And it is noteworthy that the believers are not required to obey laws if they find a group or entity exempt from that law.

Freedom of religion, the freedom to worship as you see fit without government interference, is all well and good, but now religious freedom means being exempt from most laws and regulations just by claiming religion. This is bad and few Americans know how bad it is going to get.

Audio engineer and instructor for SAE. Posted a comment that supports the secular humanist cause and exposes the oppression of women, poor and minorities. An advocate of religious freedom and especially freedom without religion.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California for a comprehensive overview of America. it does not look good

Former minister, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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