Schitt’s Creek actor Rizwan Manji responds to criticism from Ray

“If you want to criticize something, do it,” he said. “We need three-dimensional characters.”

Before he took on the role of Schitt’s Creek, one of his recent appearances was a lead on the NBC sitcom Outsourced, which was canceled after a single season in May 2011. The Canadian actor stated that because he was offered the role of Ray without auditing, he assumed that producers, including co-creator and star And LevyI would want a toned down version of how it sounded on Outsourced.

Rizwan touched the base with Dan after reading the first Schitt’s Creek table to make sure they were all on the same side. “After that, I went to Dan and said, ‘Hey, just want to check in,'” the Charlie Wilson war actor recalled. “He said, ‘I love what you did. It was fun.’ That was the character for six years. “

In a statement to the star, Dan praised the “thoughtful choices” Rizwan made to bring his character to life.

“No accent was required in casting or given in the scripts,” Dan said in the statement. “All of the characters on our show were created with love, respect, and humanity. It was gratifying to see that those intentions were reflected in the overwhelming audience support for these characters. Still, I applaud all perspectives that encourage conversation about diversity, especially in entertainment.” . “”

In response to the article, Rizwan tweeted on December 29th, “I loved playing Ray on @SchittsCreek! The accent question has always been a part of my career!” He added that “it is difficult to hear criticism” but that he is “always open to this dialogue”.

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