Saucy Santana talks about haters on the web

When it comes to social media, everyone has something to say. Good or bad, a lot of people feel it’s okay to call out celebrities. While some might call it a clout that hunts or hates, Love and Hip Hop: Miami star and rapper Saucy Santana gave his opinion on the subject.

Last night, Santana shared on Twitter, “Before you talk about me on the internet, search your DM and see how many times you’ve texted me without a reply.” Santana continued, “BEFORE you try to start a beef with me … look at your status, THEN look at mine! The same said, can I get a picture, sister ?! “

Santana entered The Shade Room and left a comment on his internet beef tweets under our post. Santana said, “What’s so special about being famous ?! I know there is nowhere I can go in public without someone getting upset about who I am. I feel regular but I am not! We are sorry.”

Some of the roommates felt that Santana had to humble herself. One commented, “Santana doesn’t think he’s a celebrity. Baby, you’re a social media influencer who is friends with celebs. Know your place.” Another agreed with Santana and commented under his comment: “You said what you said”.

While it’s unclear who Santana is talking about because no one has been tagged, many speculate that the tweets were for Rolling Ray. The two have been going back and forth for weeks. On December 3rd, National Disability Day, Santana dropped an alleged diss track called “Walk” aimed at Ray.

Although Santana denied all claims, saying the song was made before his beef with Ray, claiming it had nothing to do with his disability, people didn’t buy it.

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