Rupert Murdoch and Fox Information have “waged battle on public well being”

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch was vaccinated against COIVD-19 on Friday. The media mogul got the vaccination in England where he qualified to receive the vaccine early because of his age.

The 89-year-old man receiving the treatment wouldn’t be a big deal if Murdoch didn’t own Fox News. However, he is responsible for a network that has done everything in its power to spread misinformation about the coronavirus.

During his Friday night broadcast, Chris Hayes attacked Murdoch and Fox for hypocrisy. The MSNBC host began: “For the past nine months, media companies owned by Rupert Murdoch have by and large waged a war on public health and scientific consensus on how to contain the coronavirus. “

Hayes continued: “And what makes it all the more annoying is that, as we have found, many Fox News staff, while Fox hosts fired the experts, advising that lockdowns don’t work, mocking people who avoid the office and the guidelines for public health workers have been working remotely at literally the same time. “

Chris Hayes beats up Rupert Murdoch for receiving a COVID vaccine while his Fox anchors are promoting misinformation.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 19, 2020

The MSNBC host closed the segment. “Murdoch even thanked key workers and employees of the National Health Service, an institution that Fox News cherishes as this utterly demonic specter in American health debates, and Murdoch also strongly encouraged people around the world to get the vaccine. Exactly the kind of group that believes its network railed against tyrannical propaganda. “

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