Right here is the scrumptious second when Fox Information introduced to its viewers that Joe Biden is the President-Elect

Neil Cavuto broke into Fox News coverage to tell viewers that the Supreme Court is not helping and that Joe Biden is really the President-elect.


Neil Cavuto speaks to Fox News viewers like they were toddlers and tells them that Joe Biden is really going to become president. pic.twitter.com/3I6Q5upCM1

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 8, 2020

Broke into the White House cheer rally / summit on Operation Warp Speed, Cavuto said, “We are pausing to relay news that will worry the President, despite all the problems and legitimate pride of this progress in the coronavirus area. The US Supreme Court has just rejected a Republican challenge to Joe Biden’s election victory in Pennsylvania. They will not interfere or interpret. It stands as it is. This is one of the last and last tries, if you will. Some called it a legal Hail Mary pass to reverse the election result by undoing the 20 electoral votes for Joe Biden. The Supreme Court has looked at the rest of the Republicans to question and re-examine. It refused. The profit stands. Joe Biden is now clearly the President-elect of the United States. “

That was the moment Fox News had to tell its viewers, including the man currently sitting in the Oval Office for the next 43 days, that it was really over.

The moment was made all the more special when the day after Trump stood in the Oval Office announcing that really big things were going to happen in the next few days and that he was still fighting to win the election.
None of Trump’s statements were true. It’s over and the Supreme Court slammed the door on Trump’s campaign fraud.

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