Revenge Reunion Organizer Says Christa B. Allen might be invited

Here is the hope Christa B. Allen I will see your invitation to the Revenge Reunion from a “Better late than never” point of view.

After the actress shared on Instagram on Monday, January 25th, that she was not pleased to have been removed from the invite list to join her former Revenge co-stars during an upcoming virtual event, the organizer shares the Reunion E! Messages only that the omission was due to limitations of the platform and should not be taken personally.

The reunion was previously scheduled for February 6th and featured four of the main characters: Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne), Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter), Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) and Barry Sloane (Aiden Mathis).

Now Mark says the event has switched platforms and will take place at a later date in hopes of engaging the cast. He says that he has not yet contacted Christa, but that she is “absolutely” invited.

“At the beginning we were only able to take on four of the actors due to technical limitations,” said the founder of Winklepicker Entertainment Mark Wright explained. “Over the past few weeks we’ve joined a new platform so we can expand the event. Now we’d like to include the other cast members, if they’re available. I’m inviting them all this week.”

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