Republicans worry a 1/6 investigation will damage them in 2022

Republicans fear an investigation into the 1/6 attack on the Capitol would draw attention to their role in the violence.

CNN reported:

The commission would be structured in such a way that 10 members – chosen in equal parts between the leaders of both political parties – could report on the events of January 6th and the underlying “influencing factors” by the end of the year.

It is clear that such an investigation will include then-President Donald Trump’s role in promoting the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6, his lies that the election was stolen, and his efforts to win the will of voters would undermine, investigate. Additionally, it could put an uncomfortable focus on some Conservative GOP senators and members of the House of Representatives trying to reverse the election results in Congress while the issue was the focus of investigation over the next year.

The Republican objections have nothing to do with concerns about overlap or bias in the bipartisan bill, as Mitch McConnell claimed.

The real reason they don’t want an investigation is because this exposes their role in the 1/6 attack. Lots of Congressional Republicans won’t say it, but they’re more than happy to let Trump take responsibility for January 6th while it gets them off the hook.

The 2022 split times aren’t a safe bet for Republicans. You are in a civil war and have no other message than to rant about socialism and “radical left agendas”.

A 1/6 commission should scare Republicans because it could expose them and keep them out of power for a very long time.

Mr. Easley is the Founder / Senior Editor, White House Press Pool, and a Congressional Correspondent for PoliticusUSA. Jason has a bachelor’s degree in political science. His thesis focused on public order with a specialization in social reform movements.

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