President Obama referred to as Trump a racist, sexist, loopy, corrupt MFer, in line with the brand new e book

According to a new book, President Obama called Trump a madman, racist, sexist pig, madman, and a corrupt MFer.

The Guardian reported on Edward-Isaac Dovere’s new book:

“He’s a crazy man,” says Dovere, “big donors trying to get a response from him in exchange for the big checks they wrote to his foundation.”

“More often: ‘I didn’t think it would be that bad. ‘Sometimes, “I didn’t think we’d have a racist, sexist pig.” Depending on the outrage of the day … a passing ‘that damn lunatic’ with a shake of the head. “

Obama’s strongest remark, Dovere reports, was sparked by reports that Trump spoke to foreign leaders – including Vladimir Putin – with no helpers present during the investigation into Russian electoral interference and Trump-Moscow ties.

“‘That corrupt motherfucker,’ he remarked.”

Obama never hid his feelings about Donald Trump. Obama extended all courtesies to Trump during the 2016 transition, which Trump failed to do for Joe Biden, but his feelings toward the former president for a term in office have been no secret or hidden from the public.

The difference is that the new book explicitly reports on these feelings. When Trump didn’t attempt to rob the federal treasury, he spent the rest of his presidency undoing Obama’s legacy.

Trump remains insanely jealous of Obama. He can never match Obama’s success and will never have the same level of respect and admiration for the American people that Obama continues to enjoy.

Now that he’s out of office, no more drama has gone from Obama and we can read a shot of the popular former president’s true feelings.

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