Powerless Republicans cannot cease spreading, in order that they scream socialist

Republicans fail in all directions and respond to President Biden’s first 100 days with a screaming socialist.

Here is Kevin McCarthy who thinks he can sell Biden as a socialist:

McCarthy said on Fox News on Sunday, “When I look at the hundred days, it’s more like a bait and a bill of exchange. The bait was that he would rule bipartisan, but the switch is that he will be governed as a socialist. If you look at the infrastructure, it’s the same as if the coronavirus paid less than 9% of the virus. Less than 6% of the infrastructure flows into the infrastructure. Republicans would be the first to work with him but I think the very first thing we do is define and for roads, bridges, airport, wide rest, we would do this but he’s trying to pick a number instead of the first scene what do we need to make America competitive? “

Donald Trump tried the same failed game book after getting ready to face Bernie Sanders, but Joe Biden won the nomination.

If Republicans’ hopes for 2022 depend on convincing America that nice Joe Biden is some kind of secret angry socialist, they are doomed.

The weakness of the Republican argument against the president was revealed by McCarthy, who said Republicans want to work on infrastructure and apparently are suggesting that an infrastructure bill is a good idea, but the GOP wants to do the bill its own way.

Republicans won’t be able to convince the country that Biden is a socialist, and if they want, they should expect to lose more elections.

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