Pop Smoke makes his appearing debut within the upcoming film “Boogie”

It’s been almost a year since Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke passed away, but he definitely continues to shape the world. Today the trailer for the new film “Boogie”, which includes Pop’s acting debut, was released. The film is about the Chinese-American basketball player Alfred “Boogie” Chin, who lives in Queens, New York, and is studying and working on his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. However, his parents frowned upon him and pressured him to apply for a scholarship to an elite college.

The relationship between Boogie and his father, who is a police officer, and the Chinese cultural traditions that create a rift between Boogie and his colleagues are also shown in the film. The coming-of-age story features Pop’s character a few times and shows him meeting Boogie on the basketball court and on the street. In the movie, it looks like the men are rivals. The film plays the actor Taylor Takahashi as Boogie and the actress Taylour Paige, known from the hit show “Hit The Floor” as Eleanor. Actors Pamelyn Chee, Mike Moh and others also star in the film.

The trailer contains Pop’s song “Got It On Me” from his debut album “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon”. According to reports, Boogie’s soundtrack will feature new music from pop and will be released through Victor Victor Worldwide / Republic Records.

Pops manager Steven Victor shared a clip of the trailer on his Instagram page with the title “BOOGIE MOVIE starrt 🐐 @realpopsmoke Soundtrack VVW”. The film, which is the directorial debut of the food personality and writer Eddie Huang, was written and directed by him and produced by Josh Bratman, Josh McLaughlin and Michael Tadross.

Many roommates excitedly left comments on the film. One commented, “Wait, this man was in a movie too. Damn it, he really wanted to take over! LLPOPSMOKE WOO. “Boogie is slated for March 5th.

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