Pepa is suing plastic surgeon for allegedly disfiguring her physique

While many chose to purchase the bodywork they wanted instead of building it, others had problems with the finished product, including Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa.

According to TMZ, Pepa is suing Dr. David Sayah for negligence. Pepa claims he convinced her to perform three separate operations to repair damage she sustained in a car accident in July 2018.

Legal documents received from TMZ say in Pepa her wreck 2018 The biopolymer injections she previously had in her bum and hips shifted, making her extremely uncomfortable. Pep says she was transferred to Dr. Sayah was referred to help, and plans were made to have the biopolymer material and buttock implants removed to relieve her pain. “

It is reported that she was initially convinced to replace her buttock implants with smaller ones because she would not be happy with her natural buttocks, reports TMZ. Instead, Pepa claims the doctor performed an unsuccessful liposuction.

TMZ also reports that the doctor “pressured” Pepa into another procedure that hardened her bum and made it knot. That makes it difficult for her to appear on stage. The third and final procedure took place in February 2020.

This last procedure was intended to remove the biopolymer material, but it didn’t. According to reports, Pepa went to another doctor for pain. After an MRI, “a large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue” was discovered.

The rapper files a lawsuit claiming Dr. Sayah disfigured her body. Pepa reportedly claims that she will likely suffer from the injuries for the rest of her life.

The rapper says she’ll need more surgeries, reports TMZ.

Ooohhhwwweee! Must be more careful.

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