Nicki Minaj reveals She & Kenneth Petty’s child boy!

Nicki Minaj broke the internet when she announced she was pregnant in July and the barbz were begging for what her baby looks like. Nicki has annoyed us many times since we were born and even posted a voice note on Twitter about her bundle of joy.

Well, the wait is over, all of you, because Nicki has just posted the most adorable photos of her son and you definitely want to see them. In an Instagram post, Nicki sends a sweet message to her and Kenneth’s son, whose name we don’t yet know, and thanks him for making her a mom.

“#PapaBear, thank you very much for choosing me as your mom. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your love and support during this trip. It means so much to me, ”read the headline.

Nicki also sent a message of love to all of the mothers out there who killed her, even during this difficult time.

“Becoming a mother is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever done. Send love to all of the superhero moms out there. Big hugs to all women who were pregnant during these challenging times, ”she wrote.

Via InstagramNicki Minaj babyVia Instagram

Nicki recently took to Twitter to share details on how her journey as a mom has gone so far. She spoke to her fans about everything from the job, to her husband’s reaction to the whole process, to her experiences with breastfeeding.

She shared that she actually had a natural birth and says Ciara was one of the celebrity mothers who helped her on her journey.

“Yes, natural magical birth with epidural,” she said. “I pushed for two and a half hours. Just b / c first, the epidural wasn’t slacking enough for me to feel pushing. When I could feel the pain, I pushed it out. “

Who do you think the baby is more like, roomies? Team Nicki or Team Kenneth ?! Let us know in the comments!

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