MP Dina Titus is looking for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be faraway from Congress

In a series of tweets, Rep. Dana Titus (D-NV) called for Taylor Green to be removed from the House of Representatives.

Rep. Titus tweeted:

Congressman Greene should be removed from Congress. She has encouraged the execution of politicians who disagree with her, and her presence on the floor of the house is a legitimate security concern.

– Dina Titus (@repdinatitus) January 29, 2021

I did not make this decision lightly. In my ten years in public service in the US House of Representatives, I have never called for anyone to be removed from Congress. This time is different.

– Dina Titus (@repdinatitus) January 29, 2021

Rep. Cori Bush was forced to move her office from Rep. Taylor Greene after she and her maskless coworkers cursed her in a hallway.
Several members of the House have described Rep. Taylor Greene as a security risk.

Eviction is not an easy party line. Rep. Greene faces an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. If the ethics committee recommends expulsion, the entire House votes to accept, reject, or change the ethics committee’s recommendation. It takes two-thirds of the vote to expel a member from the House. It is unclear whether there are enough Republicans ready to expel Taylor Greene right now.

Demands for deportation are growing louder and measures must be taken as soon as possible to keep the home safe.

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