Ministry of Justice is contemplating recommending the adoption of the Home Terrorism Act

The Justice Department is currently considering a recommendation for Congress to pass a domestic terrorism law. There is no equivalent law in the United States; currently the DOJ can only Prosecute cases of ideologically driven violence by people without international ties using existing laws. The lack of a law also complicates efforts to prosecute extremism in the United States.

The Biden government announced it would share information with law enforcement agencies and work with technology organizations to track domestic terrorist content online. The government’s plans, developed by the National Security Council, also include efforts to identify government employees who could pose a threat from domestic terrorism. Screening and review procedures would be improved.

“Domestic terrorism – fueled by hatred, bigotry and other forms of extremism – is a stain on the soul of America,” said the president Joe Biden said in a statement. “It goes against everything our country is striving for, and it is a direct challenge to our national security, democracy and unity.”

An official bulletin from the White House website also highlights the importance of fighting domestic terrorism.

The US government is committed to Strengthen trust in American democracy and its ability to serve the American people, including through the help and opportunity provided through the American Rescue Plan, American Jobs Plan, and American Families Plan. The US government will also work to find ways to get around Counteract the polarization that is often fueled by disinformation, misinformation and dangerous conspiracy theories on the Internetthat supports an information environment that promotes a healthy democratic discourse, ”it says.

Alan is a writer, editor, and news junkie from New York.

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