Mimi Faust talks about her separation from Ty Younger: “I feel the turning level for me was the engagement … I did not need that”

By now, we all know that Mimi Faust and her ex-fiancé Ty Young quit, but they seemed to have a good friendship after their split. Recently, Ty took to social media to claim that Mimi’s new boo had informed her about being at Mimi’s house. Now Mimi talks in more detail about her breakup with Ty and where they are today.

During an interview with Tami Roman, Mimi revealed that the turning point for her relationship with Ty was their engagement. Mimi said she didn’t want to get married, but Ty proposed to her anyway.

She said, “I think the turning point for me was the engagement … I didn’t mean to. I told Ty so, but Ty is a born athlete, she’s a born winner. She’s just used to getting what she wants, and that’s what she wanted, and she pushed what she wanted. “

Mimi then went on to explain that while at Scientology she was afraid to speak for herself, which followed her into adulthood.

“I would just go along with whatever was going on. I would speak for myself because I feared that if I said anything, I would be kicked out [of Scientology]. If I say so, I will lose this situation. So my voice got really muffled and lost, and that stayed with me into adulthood, ”she said.

When it comes to the current state of her relationship with Ty, Mimi says that things are not amicable between her and Ty at this moment after Ty posted a post on her Instagram story that named another woman who referred to her as Mimi’s new friend. However, Mimi says the other woman is a friend, just like Ty has friends.

When asked if she and Ty would get back together, Mimi simply replied and said, “Life is fun.”

View her full interview below:

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