Mike Pence and Donald Trump are nonetheless shut associates

Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of sense of friends. His two closest friends were a bodyguard who worked in his administration and Michael Cohen, a lawyer who went to jail for him.

Once the usefulness of friendship has arisen, Trump quickly takes the exit. And when Mike Pence decided not to help the former president overthrow the election, he was no longer as useful.

However, the former Vice President does not appear to have received the memo. According to a report by CNN:

“Pence told a group of Republican lawmakers on Tuesday that not only does he remain close friends with Trump, but he also has plans to create a political action organization to defend the administration’s record. And North Carolina representative Jim Banks, who was part of the meeting held at Pence’s interim office, said the uprising “never emerged.” Six weeks before a potentially fatal experience made possible by your ex-boss? It’s time to let the past be the past. “

Banks said of the two men’s relationship: “He spoke very positively about his relationship with President Trump. I feel like they talk a lot and have the same personal friendship and relationship that they have had for four years. “

This is a picture of Mike Pence laughing with his good friend Donald Trump, straight off the shot https://t.co/LjCt6szn9o pic.twitter.com/dNomcmlDsp

– Cody Fenwick (@codytfenwick) February 23, 2021

Trump signaled back in January that pence had outlived its usefulness. He tweeted: “Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution, and gave states the opportunity to confirm a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones that they had previously had to certify. USA demands the truth! “

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