Melania Trump is bitter and jealous of Jill Biden’s recognition

Former First Lady Melania Trump is bitter and jealous of First Lady Jill Biden’s attention and popularity.

CNN reported:

Disappointed with the way she left Washington, she was “bitter and cold” at times towards her husband. She was upset that her image became collateral damage as he tried to denounce the election and secure a peaceful transfer of power, two of the people with whom she is familiar she thought of a late note.


The attention Biden has gotten hasn’t gone unnoticed by Trump, say those who know her. Despite lamenting the media focus on her successor, Trump turned down several similar offers from national publications during her tenure as first lady, according to two people who had worked closely with her. When Trump made offers and requests to participate, it was Trump who didn’t want to make them.

Like her husband, Melania Trump expected praise and attention, but was never interested in the duties that come with the first lady. First Lady Biden receives positive notoriety and attention for not acting like First Lady is a prison sentence.

Dr. Biden has accepted the position and is using it to continue much of the news and work she and Michelle Obama did as second lady. First Lady Biden gained positive notoriety for being a positive force.

Melania Trump was a venomous first lady who made it clear from the beginning of her husband’s tenure that she did not care about the American people and would rather be anywhere other than Washington. Her contempt has been picked up by the American people, and this is one of the main reasons she is the least popular former first lady in history.

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