Lil Durk froze his girlfriend India Royale for her birthday

lil durk india royale

When it comes to Lil Durk and India Royale, their fans go out of their way. Fans can’t get enough of it and have described the couple as “unproblematic”. Fans love how Durk raves about his lady and, unlike other rappers, doesn’t lead her through an internet drama. Throughout the day, India’s fans, friends and family showed their love on the gram for her birthday. India posted several shoutouts on its site and of course Durk had to show her some love too.

Durk went to his Instagram page and shared a photo with the caption, “Happy Birthday to the woman who saved my life when I was at my lowest point. I love you, Mrs. Smurk. “If you thought that was it, think again. “You know, Durk keeps India icy. He shared a photo of his luxury jeweler Izzy making India into a custom emerald necklace, with photos of their daughter Skyler and Willow that she shares with Durk. The necklace had a photo of the girls in the shape of a heart. On the other side of the chain was a picture of Durk kissing India in the shape of a star. India also shared the photo on their page.

The fans were in awe of how much Durk loves India and how refreshing it was to see black love. One commented: “One thing about Durk that he loved India OUT LOUD on. I love to see it and these necklaces are lovely ASF. “Another commented,” No lie, it’s so nice to see that black love still exists in a world full of haters. “When it comes to jewelry, the ‘OTF’ rapper always has a piece that hits hard. We recently reported that Izzy, specializing in high quality jewelry and timepieces, created another piece for Durk just five days ago. This one was very special because it honored King Von. According to Izzy’s Instagram post, the piece was a double emerald green custom memory tag with Von’s photos. The piece was attached to a tennis chain with 30 hands.

Durk can easily be in the running as one of the rappers with some of the best trinkets in the game. We love to see!

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