Kyrie Irving & Marlene Wilkerson welcome their first child collectively

There is nothing more precious than the birth of a child! Kyrie Irving has been cautious about his love life but recently felt it was time to show that side of the world. His boo, YouTuber Marlene Wilkerson, uploaded a video to her channel and showed the love that is growing in her stomach. In the video titled “Our Pregnancy Journey,” Marlene took her subscribers with her throughout her pregnancy until she went into labor. Marlene chose the natural route and had a home birth in her bathtub with Kyrie by her side.

Many of Marlene’s subscribers have left comments to congratulate her. One wrote, “I can’t stop smiling !!! This is sooo beautiful and sooo creative! I can’t stop smiling the way you look at each other. I see pure love in this video !! You are so blessed !! Congratulations on your beautiful baby and this next chapter of your life !! “

In the video Kyrie, which has 30,000 views on YouTube, Kyrie helped Marlene give birth. “I have you. We have you, boy, we have you,” says Kyrie, confirming that he now has a son. If you remember, Kyrie has a daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving, born in 2015, from his previous relationship with Andrea Wilson.

Basketball fans keeping up with the NBA Finals understood why he didn’t play with the Brooklyn Nets aside from his recent injury. “That’s why he used his personal days! CONGRATULATION! Heal now, ”commented one. Another roommate commented, “You look totally in love. I am there for that. That’s why he doesn’t care about basketball. I understand now! “

Congratulations, Kyrie & Marlene!

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