Katie Value shares the choice to just accept Son Harvey into Residential School

British reality star Katie Price spoke about her decision to have her firstborn son up Harvey in a residential university.

In a new interview with The Sun, the 42-year-old mother of five and longtime TV personality openly reflected on the life-changing decision for Harvey, 18, who is autistic and partially blind. “It’s so annoying to think that I won’t see him every day,” Katie told the outlet, “but that’s best for Harvey and we have to think positively because I don’t want him to think I’m just getting it . ” get rid of him. “

Despite their physical separation, Katie looks forward to the resources her son will have access to. “This is his chance to live an independent life, learn skills, and connect with people other than me,” she told The Sun. Even so, removal will be difficult. “If he’s three hours away, it’ll break my heart,” she said, “because I can’t get there because I have to juggle him with my other children.”

“We have an amazing bond,” remarked Katie. “I don’t know how Harvey will react, or how he will feel if I can’t reach him. It’s too painful to think about.”

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