Jennifer Garner Celebrates Man The place’s My Automotive? anniversary

Dude where is my car has officially turned 20. Sweet!

The cult classic with the leading role Ashton Kutcher and Old William Scott officially reached a milestone birthday on December 15th and Wanda – uh –Jennifer Garner did not leave the anniversary unconfirmed.

“This week #DudeWheresMyCar turned twenty (Dude!) And my beautiful friend @marlasokoloff, who played my twin, turned 40 (Sweet!),” Celebrated the 48-year-old actress on Instagram. “Holy cow, does that mean I’m only 40 too? # WayToGlowUpWanda # CockeyedOptimists.”

In the film, Garner and Marla Sokoloff portray the girlfriends of Kutcher and Scott. As Garner stressed in a relapse interview with E !, “We are the whole reason for the movie, I mean really, if you get into it. We are her friend, it’s our anniversary and our anniversary gifts are in the background.” the boys’ car. “Cue one of the most bizarre searches for an automobile in film history. For Garner, the project was the sixth film in a long line of upcoming cult films.

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