Jen Psaki reminds reporters that no one within the White Home in Biden cares about Trump

Jen Psaki responded to a question about Trump and VP Harris going to the limit by reminding reporters who is in charge of the government.


Q: Was it important for the White House to have her seen at the border before former President Trump goes there next week?

Jen Psaki: We made an assessment within our government when it was time to go to the border.

Nobody cares about Trump.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 23, 2021

Psaki was asked if the White House felt it was important to get VP Harris to the border before Trump’s visit.

She answered, “We have made an assessment within our government when it was time to go to the border. “

In other words, the acts of failed former a term Presidents do not take into account the travel and decisions of the people who run the government.

Trump’s trip to the border has as much significance and influence on government policy as that of any other private individual, so none.

Presidents don’t care what past presidents do.

Trump can pack himself in a rocket and fly to the moon. It won’t affect what Joe Biden does.

White House reporters must give up their dependence on Trump. The circus packed up and left town, and if the Manhattan attorney files charges, he’ll never be back.

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