Jayda Cheaves Says She’s “Drained Of Beef With Bums” In Newest Collection Of Tweets

Jayda Cheaves

Telling roommates that the past few weeks have been tumultuous for Jayda Cheaves would definitely be an understatement as she found herself in the middle of an alleged cheating scandal with her boyfriend Lil Baby that social media just won’t let go of. After several back and forth beef with online trolls and other alleged Lil Baby lovers, Jayda recently vowed to officially take a break from all that beef.

After adult movie star Ms. London dropped the bombshell she allegedly slept with Jayda Cheaves’ boyfriend Lil Baby (complete with screenshot evidence), Jayda had to defend herself on social media almost daily – and now she officially appears to be over it be.

In a series of tweets, Jayda first stated that she was “sick of meat with bums,” then stated that the only time she has beef with someone is when there is nothing wrong with her life, and I use her in the spotlight for a moment .

She also briefly asked if she should change her naturally nice and natural natures before reassuring her fans that she wouldn’t change, even though the haters keep coming for her.

As we’ve reported earlier, Jayda Cheaves recently got into a Twitter beef with another adult movie star, Teanna Trump. Teanna got Jayda and explained that she deserved to be betrayed by suggesting that she was boring. She also claimed to have been intimate with Lil Baby.


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