Ivanka Trump might go below because the Trump group is accused of stealing the presidential inauguration

Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law dropped a bomb charge that puts Ivanka Trump in the middle of the Trump organization stealing money.

Video by Jennifer Weisselberg on MSNBC:

Jennifer Weisselberg says Allen Weisselberg didn’t turn around because the Trump organization stole money from the president’s nonprofit inauguration committee. pic.twitter.com/qnXMRXG4i2

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 30, 2021

Weißelberg said her former father-in-law didn’t turn around because Trump is influencing him.

Jennifer Weisselberg said on MSNBC: “It seems like it’s bleeding” the Trump organization, and there were some things after that Donald was already president when they benefited from it Earn money for yourself. It looks like in discontinuations Allen Weisselberg was involved together with the CFO and the White Huse to orchestrate this money and one of the organizations that stole the money looks like it was the Trump Org, and me must tell the truth. “

The District of Columbia is investigating a lack of funds from the Trump Inauguration Committee of $ 140 million. The committee was a non-profit organization and at the center of the investigation is Ivanka Trump, who recently committed perjury while testifying in DC.

Ivanka Trump was the Trump Organization official responsible for hotel rates at the Trump Hotel in DC. Ivanka Trump is accused of pestering the inauguration committee with fees that are well above the market price.

At the center of questions about the missing funds is the daughter of the former president. Ivanka Trump may also have committed tax crimes while stealing the nonprofit.

If Jennifer Weisselberg is right, the theft of the Trump organization is a problem not only for Allen Weisselberg, but also for Ivanka Trump.

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