It’s a must to watch Frankie Jonas get married to Jonas scenes

Frankie Jonas I will never forget this reality show.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than seven years since the last episode of Married to Jonas was on E! But on Friday December 18th Kevin JonasThe youngest brother decided to look back on the series and recreate some special moments.

On a new viral TikTok, Frankie featured his video as “scenes from Married to Jonas that literally send me”. What came next was a compilation of flashbacks that got fans laughing out loud.

“She made a comment on something stupid,” he said while portraying one of Kevin’s conversations with his wife Danielle Jonas. “It doesn’t even matter. It was like talking about how we use paper napkins at dinner.”

He also made fun of Danielle’s Italian cuisine when he said, “You know what my family loves is meatloaf.” What does the family think of the video? You’re probably “burnin ‘up” with laughter.

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