Iggy Azalea shares photos of Child Son at Christmas and Slams Ex

It’s a bittersweet Christmas for Iggy Azaleawho, as a single mother, celebrates vacation and has spent part of it criticizing her ex and accusing him of cheating.

On Friday, Christmas Day, the 30-year-old rapper shared rare photos of her 9-month-old son onyx On her Instagram page she wrote: “The only person who can make me smile every day. Merry Christmas everyone!”

In one picture, Iggy is holding the wobbly boy against the backdrop of designer gift bags and purses, including at least one from Louis Vuitton. The rapper also posted a photo of a man dressed as Santa Claus holding onyx while sitting next to a Christmas tree and another picture of her holding her son and writing, “An oldie but a goodie. Must be the turn complete! Sorry, Spam. “

The rapper confirmed in June that she had greeted her son, her first child, whose father is her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, 24. Iggy first shared a photo of Onyx in October while confirming that she was “not in a relationship” and raising the boy alone.

While her Instagram feed was dominated by new pictures of her son, she spent some time on vacation on Twitter beating up Playboi Carti.

“It’s a shame you put out an album but you can’t even come with your own son for Christmas,” tweeted Iggy on Christmas Eve. “Imagine you don’t fly your family out for Christmas, but you have the girl you cheated on at your album party all my pregnancy and magically can’t me and my son come for Christmas anymore? TRASH.”

Playboi Carti, whose second album Whole Lotta Red was released on Christmas Eve, has not responded publicly to Iggy’s remarks.

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