How motherhood affected Samira Wiley’s view of Handmaid’s Story

That advice is part of the reason she and Lauren waited a month before announcing George’s arrival, a length of time Samira is grateful for. She said, “It was amazing.”

This month also gave Samira the opportunity to learn what it’s really like to be a mother after playing one before but never experiencing it first hand. She stated that she plays June a surrogate mother (Elisabeth Moss) Daughter Nichole taught her the basics – how to change a diaper and hold a baby properly, but having George “definitely made me realize that I didn’t get it as well as I imagined.”

The newborn even changed her view of Handmaid’s Tale, particularly Yvonne’s character, Serena Waterford.

“Eh, Yvonne is such a great actress. Right? So, in the first few seasons she makes you hate Serena with something like that vitriol, but later on she walks around holding that little bump,” she explained before she added.[but] I’ve wanted to be a mom all my life, and of course … And yes, it’s just complicated. It is very complicated.”

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