How Hoda Kotb gave Kathie Lee Gifford a “Christmas miracle”

Former colleagues, forever friends.

Monday December 7th is the brand new Daily Pop, Kathie Lee Gifford caught up with E! ‘s Carissa Culiner To talk about your new book: It’s never too late: Make the next act of your life the best act of your life. During this exclusive chat, Kathie touched on her recent return to TODAY as a guest.

As E! Readers may have seen that Kathie Lee was surprised when she caught up with her previous co-stars and promoted her new book Hoda Kotb. The TODAY co-host said to her former co-host: “You will be proud of me, I’ve read most of it.”

Why was Kathie Lee so surprised? She explained to Carissa, “I called it a Christmas miracle because she never reads my books. She makes me laugh.”

Though Kathie Lee has been more busy than ever since she left TODAY over a year and a half ago, she announced that she still misses her friends at NBC.

“I really miss that. I miss them, I miss our producers there, I miss so many of my crew,” said Kathie Lee.

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