Gwen Stefani has enjoyable at Blake Shelton Romance in Tremendous Bowl Advert

Talk about a “sweet escape” from this soccer game.

In the second quarter of the Super Bowl 2021, T-Mobile premiered its highly anticipated commercial starring some familiar faces from The Voice. Everything started when Gwen Stefani expressed her dating hopes with fellow coaches a few years ago Adam Levine.

“I think I’m ready to start dating again,” she told the Maroon 5 Front man. “I’m tired of the LA boys. I want someone who is completely different. Maybe from another country and someone who is cultured and sensitive and who is not threatened by a strong, confident woman.”

Unfortunately, Adam had a spotty network that wasn’t T-Mobile. As a result, he heard something completely different. “I’m tired of the LA guys,” said Gwen. “I want someone who is completely rural, uncultivated, and threatened by a strong, trusted woman.”

Adam replied, “I have your husband.” Fast forward to a romantic dinner that leaves Gwen in shock Blake Shelton Step inside and wear his signature jeans and flannel button. Little did she know in real life that No doubt The singer would get engaged to the country singer in October 2020.

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