Former Senator Al Franken explains why Ron Johnson is clearly an antifa plant

Al Franken was once one of the most popular democratic lawmakers in the country. However, Franken resigned from his position after being charged with sexual misconduct in January 2019.

The former Minnesota Senator is now hosting a weekend political show on Sirius XM radio. Before he became a politician, Franken wrote for Saturday Night Live for 15 years. He put those comedy chops to good use in a fall of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on Tuesday.

Franken shared a clip of Johnson’s interrogation during a recent hearing about the riot in the Capitol. The clip was titled “Ron Johnson uses his interrogation time during the Capitol security hearing to advance a conspiracy theory that the Jan. 6 insurgents weren’t actually Trump supporters but “provocateurs” and “fake Trump protesters.” “

The former senator replied: “Ron Johnson is obviously ANTIFA, posing as a Trump supporter to discredit Trump supporters in Congress. It works!”

Ron Johnson is obviously ANTIFA, posing as a Trump supporter to discredit Trump supporters in Congress. It works!

– Al Franken (@alfranken), February 23, 2021

Johnson, a well-known Trump sycophant, is often a target of ridicule. When speaking of the Senator’s attempts to downplay the Trump riots, Joe Scarborough recently said:

“This is a mob that may have just killed Ron Johnson or a member of the House or Senate that you saw that day. I just wonder if there are Republicans feverishly trying to reshape the political party, Mika. I just wonder if Mitch McConnell’s vision of the Republican Party evolving is Ron Johnson’s vision of the Republican Party. Because you can use Mitch McConnell’s own words against Ron Johnson and prove that Ron Johnson is lying to the people of America. Ron Johnson is not worth being a United States Senator. “

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