Diddy Formally Cancels Annual New Years Eve Occasion Due To COVID-19 – “I Will Not Change My Thoughts”


Roommates, while the holiday season was over for many, there were definitely elements of the traditional celebration that were canceled … and that now includes Diddy’s much-anticipated New Year’s party. In a post on social media, Diddy officially broke the news that he had decided to cancel this year’s event for following COVID-19’s safety guidelines.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, everyone knows that Diddy is known for hosting some of the most iconic parties – but sadly one of his most anticipated events has just been canceled.

With many preparing in some way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Diddy has decided to move safer and cancel his annual New Year’s event to make sure everyone is keeping their health and staying COVID-19 free.

In a post on Instagram he wrote the following:

“TO ALL MY FRIENDS: In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy … We’re sorry, we’re not hosting a NYE party this year!” Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best for the New Year. “

To make sure that the party definitely won’t take place, Diddy has given his post a title: “WARNING: THIS IS EVERYONE, ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILIES … I’m not changing my mind … See you all in 2021! I LOVE YOU!”

Welp, there you have it. It looks like most of us are going to have a quiet New Years Eve too.

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