Cory Booker provides a shadow to his Inauguration Day publish with girlfriend Rosario Dawson

Roommates, when inauguration day finally came, many were in very small condition by the time they finally said goodbye to Donald Trump – and that included Senator Cory Booker. Along with his girlfriend Rosario Dawson, Cory Booker hugged his little side with a post filled with perfectly matched shadow towards Trump.

Cory Booker is generally known to be fairly even-tempered and professional, but he ended up flying his little flag with an Instagram post during the housewarming ceremony. In the photo, he and longtime girlfriend Rosario Dawson were in matching masks and coats.

It was the brutally funny caption, however, that was the cherry on top of a shadowy day of bumps at Trump’s expense. Its headline read: “It was very cold today. It was -45. “

If you caught this shadow as quickly as we did, you must have laughed. It’s no secret that Cory Booker along with several other Senate members were not fans of Trump at all during his tenure – so the shadow was expected.

Cory and Rosario were clearly enjoying the festivities as they repeatedly smiled and waved to the crowds as they took their places at the limited size ceremony.

The couple also wore matching masks from Dawson’s company, Studio 189. In November, the 41-year-old actress shared a black and white photo of the couple on Instagram congratulating 51-year-old Cory Booker on defending his seat as Senator from New Jersey.

“So proud and grateful for you, my love. I have to vote for you here in New Jersey and I am so glad that you overwhelmingly and rightly won your seat again. Knowing that your guidance will continue to lead us with love, brilliance, patience, grace, and effectiveness is the kind of representation and hope we need. “

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