Conservative Charlie Sykes tears up Dan Crenshaw because the GOP grifter in Scathing Op-Ed

A few years ago. Saturday Night Life Pete Davidson made fun of Dan Crenshaw’s eye patch during a spot on Weekend Update. Weeks later, Davidson apologized to Crenshaw on the show.

Crenshaw used the moment to discuss how people from different political parties could still get along. Since then, the Texas congressman has regularly fought Twitter and promoted lies through his feed.

Conservative expert Charlie Sykes recently wrote a piece for The Bulwark in which he proclaims Crenshaw as GOP grifter.

Sykes was particularly concerned about a recent Crenshaw piece written for The Daily Wire. In the article titled “What It Really Means to Fight,” the Texas representative once again calls for unity.

The bulwark writes:

“So what should we make of Crenshaw’s recent plea for persuasion rather than grift, meme and bloviation? It’s tempting to view his Daily Wire article as just a cynical understanding of respectability, but it’s actually more revealing than that, as it shows that Crenshaw knows exactly what he’s doing even when casting the Deplorati silly tropes. He knows it’s fraudulent, poisonous, sly, and manipulative. But even though he knows better, he still does. He may even feel guilty – but not guilty enough to give up on his Trumpian shit. So he wants to do it both ways: to be both a clown and a critic: both fascist will and a voice of mind and conscience. “

You can read Sykes’ piece in full here, courtesy of The Bulwark

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